My first game jam

It’s been 5 months since I started video game development by creating my own 2D game engine. Just so happen to be that Ludum Dare 48 took place last weekend, and I’ve decided to test my newly acquired skills and the engine in the event. I had 48 hours to make a video game alone, […]

Collection of game development and MonoGame resources

New to game development or MonoGame? Take a look at the following pages: – great tips and rich Github repo of examples of a seasoned game developer – great MonoGame tutorials – patreon page of Charles Humphrey, who is working on a 3D engine using MonoGame. Many of his solutions are applicable […]

Drawing 2D primitives in MonoGame

While working on new features and prototypes, it always makes my life much easier if I can visualize what is happening on the screen, for example: visualizing the result of a raycast or the pivot of a sprite. For that, I’m using primitives with the following simple code snippets: Drawing a line in MonoGame is […]