Project setup for cross-platform game development in MonoGame

As I promised earlier, we are going to take a look at how to develop a game in MonoGame targeting multiple platforms at the same time, using Visual Studio 2019. It may seems like a nuisance first, but once you’ve experienced the pain of deploying a game to mobile that you have originally developed to […]


I started working on an actual game

Now that my studies are done (for a while at least), I’m investing my free time into creating an actual game! It’s going to be a small puzzle game using Monolith Engine. This will be my first commercial release and it’s only going to utilize only a small fraction of what the engine can do […]

Fix your timestep – in MonoGame

There is a famous article circling the internet since more than 15 years now: Glenn Fiedler’s Fix your Timestep!, which is basically the 101 of fixed timesteps explanations. However, it might difficult for a beginner to understand and implement it, so I’ve decided to provide a beginner friendly starter implementation and some use cases. If […]

First game prototype with Monolith engine

The day has arrived when I published my first ever game demo showcasing the capabilities of the engine I’m developing.It’s a simple platformer game demo, which demonstrates typical scenarios for a platformer game. This doesn’t utilize everything in the engine, but still gives a pretty good idea of what to use and what it can […]

Monolith engine went public!

Another great news: my open source 2D game engine went public!Originally I was planning to work on it for a few more weeks at least before opening it up, but since Ludum Dare 48 Compo event happened last weekend, where contestants had to make a game alone in 48 hours (including graphics and audio) with […]

My first game jam

It’s been 5 months since I started video game development by creating my own 2D game engine. Just so happen to be that Ludum Dare 48 took place last weekend, and I’ve decided to test my newly acquired skills and the engine in the event. I had 48 hours to make a video game alone, […]

Collection of game development and MonoGame resources

New to game development or MonoGame? Take a look at the following pages: – great tips and rich Github repo of examples of a seasoned game developer – great MonoGame tutorials – patreon page of Charles Humphrey, who is working on a 3D engine using MonoGame. Many of his solutions are applicable […]

Drawing 2D primitives in MonoGame

While working on new features and prototypes, it always makes my life much easier if I can visualize what is happening on the screen, for example: visualizing the result of a raycast or the pivot of a sprite. For that, I’m using primitives with the following simple code snippets: Drawing a line in MonoGame is […]