I started working on an actual game

Now that my studies are done (for a while at least), I’m investing my free time into creating an actual game! It’s going to be a small puzzle game using Monolith Engine. This will be my first commercial release and it’s only going to utilize only a small fraction of what the engine can do […]

Fix your timestep – in MonoGame

There is a famous article circling the internet since more than 15 years now: Glenn Fiedler’s Fix your Timestep!, which is basically the 101 of fixed timesteps explanations. However, it might difficult for a beginner to understand and implement it, so I’ve decided to provide a beginner friendly starter implementation and some use cases. If […]

First game prototype with Monolith engine

The day has arrived when I published my first ever game demo showcasing the capabilities of the engine I’m developing.It’s a simple platformer game demo, which demonstrates typical scenarios for a platformer game. This doesn’t utilize everything in the engine, but still gives a pretty good idea of what to use and what it can […]

Monolith engine went public!

Another great news: my open source 2D game engine went public!Originally I was planning to work on it for a few more weeks at least before opening it up, but since Ludum Dare 48 Compo event happened last weekend, where contestants had to make a game alone in 48 hours (including graphics and audio) with […]